Online casinos in North Carolina in 2023

Each state in the United States has its own wagering laws, making it difficult to navigate the various regulations. If you want to participate in online wagering in the United States in North Carolina, our informative guide can help you understand the legal issues you may face.

Our Reviews of Online Casinos in North Carolina

North Carolina is not known for upholding extreme gambling laws. It is widely regarded as one of the most conservative states in the United States, allowing only a few forms of wagering. Is it lawful to gamble online in North Carolina? No, online casinos and sportsbooks are not permitted in the state of North Carolina. However, tribal casinos, charitable raffles, and bingo are all lawful alternatives. In 1835, North Carolina prohibited almost all forms of wagering, beginning with the lottery, table games, and poker. After temporarily allowing pari-mutuel wagering and canine racing, it enacted even stricter gambling regulations in 1952. In 1997, following the passage of the Indian Gambling Regulatory Act, the state of North Carolina finally opened its first tribal casino. This legislation permitted tribes to legally operate casinos on their territory, but also imposed a few restrictions. In 2012, Cherokee casino games, which had previously been limited to electronic games, were ultimately expanded to include table games.

Legal Status Of Land-Based & Online Casinos In North Carolina

The state lottery was established in 2005, generating billions of dollars in state revenue. Next came offline sports betting, which was restricted to a limited number of North Carolina casinos, specifically two tribal casinos. Daily fantasy sports emerged in 2019, but they are not adequately regulated. The following wagering activities are legal in North Carolina as of 2020:

Tribal casinos and bingo parlors

Bingo and raffles to benefit charity

a state lotto

Fantasy sports daily (legal but not regulated yet)

Stakes-based online social casinos

Conversely, the following wagering activities are prohibited:


Internet casinos and sports betting

Commercial casinos

equine racing

Harness racing

It does not appear that the state’s position on online casinos will change at this time. However, nothing is ever set in stone, so keep a watch out for any new developments. If you have a hankering for casino games, you can visit one of the state-approved social casinos. As the prizes are awarded through a sweepstake, there is no need to wager any money.

Gambling on Land in North Carolina Today

In North Carolina, offline wagering is restricted to tribal casinos, while online gambling is prohibited. Following the passage of the Indian Gambling Regulatory Act, the state opened its first indigenous casino. There are currently two tribal casinos owned by the Cherokee Nation and affiliated with the Harrah’s brand. A compact with North Carolina permits the Cherokee Nation to offer gambling machines, live table games, and a sportsbook. Class 3 gaming machines are permitted in tribal casinos, which is the same as the situation in Las Vegas. Under the terms of this agreement, the Cherokee Nation is obligated to pay the state a specified percentage of its table game profits, which equates to five percent of all revenues. Additionally, the compact grants the tribe exclusive gaming rights through 2042. This means that even if a state wanted to legalize online casinos, it would be difficult for them to do so, predominantly because it would violate an existing compact. Additionally, tribes are not permitted to extend their offerings online, as they may only serve individuals within their zone. Consequently, some players would tumble outside of this area, in violation of the rules. These North Carolina casinos feature the following Cherokee casino games.

Casino Location Unique FeaturesCasino Games

The Harrah’s Cherokee Hotel Resort and Casino is located in Cherokee, North Carolina.Slots, Table Games, and Sportsbook at Cherokee3,500 Slots 100 Table Games

Murphy’s Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino and HotelSlot machines, Table Games, Video Poker, and a Sportsbook.1,050 Slots 70 Table Games

Laws Regarding Online wagering In North Carolina North Carolina prohibits online wagering at casinos and sportsbooks. It is unlawful for a person or organization to operate, participate in, or wager on a money-winning game of chance. In addition, you could be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor if you violate this law. This only applies to unlawful gambling, as you may still participate in a few legal betting events.

What Should I Be Aware Of Regarding Online Casinos in North Carolina?

Residents of North Carolina are not permitted to wager at online casinos, nor is online sports betting permitted.

Two tribal casinos offer slot machines, table games, and certain sports wagering options.

In addition to charitable bingo and raffles, other legal forms of wagering include the lottery and daily fantasy sports.

In North Carolina, you must be 21 years old to legally wager.

What It Means For North Carolina Gamblers Under the Laws Governing Offshore Casinos

The laws are clear: if you live in North Carolina, you cannot participate at an online casino for real money, regardless of whether it’s located onshore or offshore. Although it may be difficult for the government to apprehend criminals, you should avoid unregulated casinos for a number of reasons. First, you run the risk of being charged with a crime, which is undesirable for everyone. Second, offshore casinos are notorious for withholding winnings and other shady transactions, so you risk, among other things, losing your money. In conclusion, online gambling is prohibited in North Carolina. If you want to gamble at a casino, you should visit one of the tribal enterprises on land.

Online Casino Games Available In North Carolina

There are currently no legal online casinos in North Carolina. As a consequence, there are no casino games available for real money play. However, you can satisfy your gaming desires by visiting online social casinos, which do not involve cash and function solely on a sweepstakes basis. These websites provide online slots and table games, such as blackjack and roulette, that are comparable to the Cherokee casino games. You can also participate in daily fantasy sports, which are currently legal but not yet fully regulated.

Payment Options at Online Casinos in North Carolina

Since North Carolina does not permit online casinos to operate, we have no information regarding participants’ preferred payment methods. However, if North Carolina legalizes this activity, we anticipate that popular payment methods from other states will also apply. In jurisdictions where online casinos are lawful, debit and credit cards are a popular method of payment. PayPal casinos are another option, as this e-wallet enables fast and convenient transactions. Skrill and Neteller are two additional popular e-wallets, and bank transfers are also fairly common. Occasionally, it is also possible to encounter casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, although this is relatively uncommon.


FAQs on Gambling in North Carolina

Is it lawful to gamble online in North Carolina?

No. North Carolina has not yet legalized or regulated any type of online wagering. This applies to both online casinos and sports wagering. In addition, one of the few states that criminalize illegal gambling defines it as any game of chance with monetary payouts.


Can I play mobile or tablet games at an online casino in North Carolina?

Regrettably, no. Since online gambling is presently illegal in North Carolina, no operators are actively regulated by the state. Therefore, you cannot play online at any North Carolina casinos using any device, including a desktop or mobile casino.


What casino games can I play at online casinos in North Carolina?

If the state of North Carolina permits online wagering in the future, you will likely have access to a variety of casino games. Popular options presently available at tribal casinos such as Harrah’s Cherokee Hotel & Casino will also be available for instant play. Table and card games, slot machines, video poker, and specialty games like keno and bingo are some examples.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

Although the U.S. dollar is one of the most extensively accepted currencies, North Carolina residents cannot deposit funds into online casino accounts. This is because it is illegal to play casino games online. In addition, offshore providers that receive US dollars are prohibited by North Carolina law.


Are these North Carolina online casinos regulated?

As it is presently illegal, you will not find any online casinos that cater to North Carolina gamblers on our website. However, we do have a list of recommended online casinos for states where online wagering is legal. In addition, we ensure that every operator is appropriately licensed and regulated, so you can rest easy.


Am I eligible for an online casino incentive at a casino in North Carolina?

Bonuses are a standard practice in the casino industry, so nearly every operator you encounter will offer a sign-up bonus. Until North Carolina casinos are permitted to move online, you will not be eligible for casino incentives.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, there is no legal means to participate in online gambling. There are illegal options, but we strongly advise against taking financial risks and violating the law. There are now two tribal casinos in North Carolina: Harrah’s Cherokee Hotel Resort & Casino and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in North Carolina?

As online casinos are prohibited, there is no current information available on the most prevalent online payment methods. If North Carolina legalizes online gambling, many operators will likely take standard payment methods.


In North Carolina, am I required to pay taxes on my wagering winnings?

Prior to 2014, the state allowed inhabitants to deduct gambling losses against their winnings. For instance, $50,000 in gains and losses resulted in no tax liability. The state has abolished this deduction, meaning that the winnings of $50,000, regardless of loss, are subject to taxation.


Play Cherokee Casino Games at a North Carolina Casino for Real Money and Walk Away a Winner!

We hope that our comprehensive guide to gambling in North Carolina has helped you comprehend the laws governing online casinos and other forms of betting. Always remember to play safely and responsibly while abiding by the applicable laws.






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